Who is Kiddy Crafty?

Who is Kiddy Crafty?

Well this website was set up in January 2015 and i’m a mum to one little madam. 🙂 

In my pre-mum life I was a self-confessed craftaholic, a glitter magpie, a stationary geek. There was nothing like the satisfaction of having boxes of beads, rows of craft magazines, stacks of paper….oh I could go on!

Now with my little one, life is more about her and there has been less of the grown up crafting and more of the messy craft that comes with having a toddler and I love it 🙂

Its such a joy to see the world through her eyes, everything is new and there is nothing more exciting to kids than crafts.

Crafts of any nature are a great medium to get learning across to your kids while having fun at the same time. Crafts involve all the senses and for young brains growing this is especially important. 

This website is a collection of kids crafts and recipes that I have found and some I have tried and now want to pass on to others.

I would love to hear and see pictures from your crafting experiences as well. Any questions just ask, ill get back to you as soon as I can clear the glitter and paint off me! 🙂

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