26 Kids Winter Boredom Craft Busters

Looking for some activities to keep the kids entertained while its still too cold or wet to go outside? I found some really good ideas over at tip junkie. Why not use some of these ideas until the weather starts to warm up and spring arrives.

Winter Boredom Busters-jpg

Snow Craft

1.  Snow Ball Soap ~ Hide a small toy inside and they are the perfect gift for kids to make each other! Keep a few around for bath time fun this winter or on display in your bathroom. 

2.  Ice Ornaments ~ Make these cute and easy ice ornaments with your kiddos this winter to put some fun in those long, cold days. 

3.  Peg Dolls Winter Wonderland ~ Make your own winter scene using cardboard and the free templates.  Using cardboard makes them extra durable.  {{wink}}

4.  Winter Wonderland Windowscape ~ These snowflake suncatchers are absolutely dreamy!  Kids can paint the suncatchers with suncatcher transparent paint, string and hang them in front of the nearest window or even in a tree.

snow ice cream

How To Make Snow Ice Cream

5.  Winter Ice Cream Shop ~ Here is a great way to bring the winter fun inside where it’s warm! A clever way to keep the toddler to elementary school aged kids in your home occupied with a ice cream shop serving fresh snow! The kids will love it, and you’ll love how easy this is to set up and put away!



6.  Snow Window {indoor sensory play} ~ You don’t have to have snow to enjoy this snow craft.  Kids can use their imagination and creativity to build a winter scene using q-tips, cotton balls, cotton pads and contact paper. 

7.  Ice Marbles ~ This is a great post with an idea that could double as both a science lesson and just plain fun! Using water balloons and some really cold winter weather you’ll get some pretty ice marbles. Easy to make and super fun to see!

8.  Arctic Slime ~ A fun boredom buster your kiddo’s will love.  It’s super easy and cheap.  All the ingredients can be found in your local grocery store.

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50 Ways to Organize your kids bedroom

50 Ideas to Organize your Kids Room.

It was the dreaded big tidy up today, while trying to find a home for everything, how can one little person manage to own nearly as much stuff as me!  I came across these (from diyncrafts.com) and i thought i would share with you some ideas on keeping your craft room/kids bedroom organized. I really like some of these ideas and i think im going to need to do some of these soon.

50 Clever DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Kids' Rooms

Hanging Bedside Organizer

This little fabric organizer is pure genius! It’s quick and very easy to make, and it simply slips in between the mattress and the actual bed frame. You can adjust the pocket quantity and sizes to hold whatever your kids like to keep close – books, teddies, gaming devices, you name it. And the non-skid pad will ensure that it never slips out from the weight. No mess, no fuss! The organizer on photo is for sale on Higgos, and the pattern and instructions are available Sewmamasew.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Sewmamasew

Hanging Bedside Organizer

Video Game Storage

For Wii games, CDs, DVDs and other disc type games, you can build a great storage unit for them that is hidden away, out of sight. You’ll need a mat board, some vinyl, double backed tape, fabric, and a few other key supplies. The storage is hidden on the inside of a cabinet or entertainment center door so you never see it unless it’s open. By creating individual holders, you can keep games and other discs safe while still having a great place to keep them all organized. Plus, this project takes just a couple of hours and if you have a few supplies on hand, it won’t cost much if anything at all.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Infarrantlycreative

Video Game Storage

Vintage Crates

You can create adorable storage carts from old pallets. If you have a lumber yard or similar business near you, you may be able to get the pallets for nothing so the cost of this one is very little. It may take a couple of hours but you’ll end up with wonderful toy boxes or storage containers for blankets or anything else the kids have thrown around in their rooms. Plus, you can add wheels to the bottom so you can easily move the crates around, which makes picking up toys after playtime really fun.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Ana-white

Vintage Crates

Clear Toy Storage Bags

These bags are so neat and they are really easy to make. They have a drawstring closure and they are completely see-thru so kids can tell which toys go into which bag. You’ll need some fabric, thick clear vinyl, a drawstring cord and fusible interfacing. You have to sew a little but the great thing is that you can make as many bags as you need and you can do them in a bunch of different sizes so they’re perfect for every single toy. The bags make it really easy to move toys from one room to another or for outside play as well.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Makeit-loveit

Clear Toy Storage Bags

Organized Lego Storage

Ah, Legos. Every little boy loves Legos. Moms however, not so much, especially when those Legos end up all over the floor. If you’ve ever stepped on one of those little buggers barefoot then you know just how great this Lego storage project is. If your little one (or your big one) has a lot of Legos, this project helps you to organize them by color so they always know where each color that they need is located. Plus, it keeps them all neatly put away so that they’re not attacking your bare feet when you least expect it.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Iheartorganizing

Organized Lego Storage

Stuffed Animal Swing

Hanging storage for stuffed animals is great but those nets that you stick up in the corner can be a little boring. They can also look very untidy when they are stuffed to the gills with animals. This swing is a much neater idea and one that is so easy to make you’ll probably want a couple, especially if you have loads of stuffed animals to put away. You need a bit of hobby wood, a clothesline, and some hooks. You simply create swings for all of the animals to sit on and then hang on the wall or from the ceiling.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Itsalwaysautumn

Stuffed Animal Swing

Tube Cubbies

Oh how we absolutely adore projects that are free. These tube cubbies are made from empty toilet paper rolls so they don’t cost anything – aside from the initial toilet paper purchase, that is. You simply put them together and create a little garage for all of those Matchbox cars. For girls, you could use these to store Barbie dolls or any number of other little toys. Just glue the tubes together and then place the “garage” on a dresser when finished. He will have a blast putting his cars away in his little tube garage.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Spoonful

Tube Cubbies

Rolling Toy Storage

Toy storage under the bed is great because it’s close enough to the floor for little ones to reach plus it keeps that mess off the floor and out of sight. This rolling storage box is perfect for organizing toys and is really easy to make. It’s on wheels so kids will have no problem getting to their toys and you can paint labels on the front of each drawer if you want to really get things organized. This is a great project if you have dresser drawers that are missing the fronts or just any type of drawer that you no longer need. Just add a coat of paint and some wheels and you’re all set.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Lizoncall

Rolling Toy Storage

Quick and Easy Book Storage

If your kids have quite a few books and you don’t really have anywhere to store them, this book storage project is perfect. You just need a few Ikea spice racks, which are around $4 each. Or, you could use cheaper spice racks if you can find them. Just put the spice racks up on the wall or a door, wherever the little ones can reach them and add the books. Not only does it provide great organization, it helps your little ones to be able to find and reach their books so they will want to play with them more often.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Domesticsimplicity

Quick and Easy Book Storage

Crafty Canisters

Old coffee cans (well, they’re not really cans so much as plastic containers now) make wonderful canisters. You can store things like crayons, Matchbox cars, doll clothes, and just any number of smaller items in them and completely organize playrooms and bedrooms. The great part about this project is you can print off labels to go on the coffee cans so kids will be able to remember where everything goes. And, don’t worry that your little ones aren’t reading yet. The labels that you use are actually pictures of what goes into each can. This is a great organizing idea and a wonderful learning tool for toddlers.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Heartofwisdom

Crafty Canisters

Dress Up Closet

Imagine a dress up closet that will hold all of your little one’s dress up clothes. Well, stop imagining and get to creating. This adorable little closet is made from an old dresser (just a small one) and it perfectly holds all of those dress up clothes and keeps them perfectly organized. You can keep dresses, shoes, hats or anything else you need in there. She’ll love being able to find her dress up stuff and you’ll love that there is a lot more room in the toy box when those things have a place of their own. Plus, it’s a really easy project and it’s just so adorable!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Aturtleslifeforme

Dress Up Closet

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St Patricks Day Rainbow kids Crafts

Rainbow Kids Crafts

Its St Patricks Day on March the 17th and what screams more of St Patricks day than rainbows?

Here are a selection of rainbow inspired kids food and craft activities that look so fun they need to be shared!

Rainbow rice krispies

These are so simple but look so fun, who wouldnt want these in their lunchbox?



Rainbow heart layer cake

Ok little ones might need a hand with this one, but i couldnt leave this out, how amazing does this look? Takes the standard layer cake to another level!


Rainbow Jelly Eggs

Yep thats right jelly rainbow eggs! Probably laid by a rainbow hen as well! 🙂



Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Great for musical little ones.

Make a Rainbow Sensory Play Bottle / Musical Shaker, great for all ages. From My Little 3 and Me.

Rainbow Salt Crystal painting

I really like the look of this, i can imagine my little one really enjoying the different colours.


Rainbow Ice Ball Bin

How big are these?! They make me want to get in the box and have a go!

Rainbow Ice Ball Sensory Bin


Shamrock Stamps

I love food stamping and finding out shapes you never knew were there!

pepper stamping st patricks day craft how we learn


Rainbow Play dough kit

This is a great kit to have ready for colourful play.

Rainbow Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba


 Keep an eye out for more St Patrick day ideas coming up.