New Year Kids Craft Ideas


Here’s a fun little craft to get you and your kids over the post-Christmas blues and into next year. Just what everyone needs: noisemakers! Well maybe you don’t need more noise after last night’s party but this craft is sure to put smiles on their faces and give you a bit of quiet while they craft away.

Here is what you will need:

  1. empty raisin boxes

  2. silver spray paint (optional)

  3. popsicle sticks

  4. glue

  5. tape

  6. bells

  7. ribbon

  8. rice, pasta, beans, or any other hard bits you can find in your pantry that shake and make noise

  9. glitter, sequins, stickers, etc.


I chose to spray-paint my raisin boxes first because I wanted them to look uniform. I was thinking how cute they would be as a New Year’s party favor, sitting pretty in a nice silver bowl. You should feel free to paint your boxes with poster paint or cover them with construction paper.

After you paint your boxes, attach a popsicle stick to each box to use as a handle. You’ll probably need to glue it on and reinforce it with tape since these buddies are going to get a lot of shaking action. After you’ve attached the handle you can tie a ribbon around it for more reinforcement and attach a jingle bell to that for maximum noisemaking.


Then set out the glue, glitter and sequins and let your kids have at it. What could be better than sparkly, shiny noisemakers for a shiny new year!?


Once the outsides are all decorated, it’s time to fill the insides. Open one end and drop in a small handful of pasta or rice or beans. Not too much, just enough to make a lot of noise when rattled. Then close it back up, seal the opening with tape and you’re done!


Time to turn on some tunes and tell your kids to shake what their mama crafted with them!


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