31 Amazing cardboard box crafts for kids

Cardboard box crafts for kids

Cardboard boxes can be a really good staple for crafting. They are cheap and simple to come across and im sure you have at least one in your house, if not you might need to order more craft supplies and use the box they come in! 🙂

I was amazed and really excited over these ideas, a few of them especially No 9 and No 12, i would have loved to have had when i was a child, heck i might even play with them today, just got to wait for my little one to grow old enough first!


1.) Make a mini-camper trailer.

2.) Play dress up with a cardboard purse.

3.) You can create a custom kitty dream house.

4.) Let your kids play house by making them their own washing machine.

5.) Or, they can sell you their own fruits with this produce stand.

6.) Make a bed for their favorite toys.

7.) Create a safe gas pump your kids can pretend to use.

8.) Making a playhouse can be cheaper than you think.

9.) If your kids like cooking, make a kitchen for them.

It’s safe and easy.

10.) City plans for Legos and other toys.

11.) If you’re adventurous, make a BIG maze.

12.) Let your kids sew along with you, even if their machine is fake.

13.) You can also give your kids a phone without spending a penny.

14.) Let your imagination run wild and build a castle.

15.) Does your kid have a bike or Powerwheels? Set up some stop lights for them.

16.) You don’t need a real guitar to be a rock star.

Let them turn it up to 11.

17.) Build a play-barn for their animals.

18.) Or make a pirate ship.

19.) Decorate your walls with wild animals.

20.) Make a maze for some marbles.

21.) Let your child’s imagination take flight in this plane.

22.) Or you could make them a train…

23.) Or an automobile!

24.) Build a little big city with your kids.

25.) Set up a small store or coffee shop.

26.) Build an elevator in your child’s room.

27.) What about a drive-in movie theater?

28.) Or better yet… build them a Transformer suit.

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Help those left over crayons, they need you!

So hopefully you found the call for help off my facebook post here. Poor little broken left over crayons are left stranded every year, please dont leave them negelected at the bottom of drawers or baskets. 🙂

Here is a great idea to reuse those ends of the crayons that go unwanted, meaning it can save you money, and stop the needless waste of crayons every year. Please listen to their cry of help! 🙂