Mad science crafts for kids

Science Crafts for kids

I love science, i want my little one to love science, ok shes a bit too young (well a lot really-but i have plans!).

Science shouldnt all be about text books, more things are learnt, our brain obsorb more information when we see things happen and when we have fun doing it.

Think about it…i bet there are loads of memories that you have from school that you still remember to this day because on that day the teacher chose to explain something in a fun, visual way. Everyone must have tried the baking soda erupting volcano with the vinegar? the fizzy soft drink bottle with the mints? you get my drift….

So it got me thinking what fun crafts with a science base could we do for our kids that would keep them entertained but at the same time give them a little hunger to learn along the way.

What do you think about these?

A few fun experiments to do with the kids this summer.



Sharpie Tie-Dyed Shirt that teaches kids about color blending

Sharpie Tie-Dye 

This craft by Mom’s Crafty Space can become a discussion of the blending of colors. While experimenting with mixing colors, kids can make a pretty snazzy shirt without the mess of traditional tie-dying.


Rock Candy Science Experiment

Rock Candy

Watch crystals form in various colors over the course of a week with this tutorial from Brandy’s Crafts, and eat the results while talking about saturation and condensation. More details about the exact science can be found at Wonder time.


Homemade Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Make a lava lamp with household items, like this one from Bird and Little Bird, and watch the carbon dioxide bubbles from Alka-seltzer make colored vegetable oil whirl around like the classic seventies lamp.


Homemade gak from borax and glue


Experiment with elasticity and suspension with this tutorial for “gak” from Artful Parent. Gak is slimy, gooey, icky and wonderful … which can be used to describe kids after playtime on some days, right?


Homemade Hovercraft

CD Hovercraft 

The Chocolate Muffin Tree provides a tutorial on how to make a hovercraft with a CD, balloon, a top from dish soap or a water bottle and a glue gun. Decorate CDs and watch them coast over a smooth surface.

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