Christmas Kids Reindeer Hot Chocolate Sweet Cones

Reindeer Hot Chocolate Sweet Cones

Hi everyone, i know its been a while since i last posted but i will be coming back soon with some more crafty posts for you.

In the meantime, here is something ive been getting up to over Christmas:

cones 6


These were really fun to make (ill write a post on the full instructions soon). Ive managed to make some for friends and family, dont you think they look so cute? I cant wait to get the reindeer out for Christmas Eve.

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To everyone who has kept with me over the year and i look forward to getting back and speaking to you all soon.





35 Snowman Crafts ideas while staying in the warm!

I know there is a lot of snow predicted for my friends across the pond, so as advised please stay safe, only go out if you really need to otherwise stay in the warm with your family.

Here are a few Snowman Craft ideas that can get your little ones involved in all from the safety of the warm indoors.

35 Creative and Fun Snowman art craft food ideas

35 Creative and Fun Snowman art craft food ideas



DIY Snowman Decorations & Crafts

Paper plate snowman & cup reindeer   age5 7 age3 5  Craft Classes Christmas Crafts

Paper plate snowman craft

Holiday DIY: Yarn Pom Snow People

Snowman with Wool / Yarn  idea via

Pinecone Snowman

Pinecone Snowman  Craft idea via funfamilycrafts

Marsh-mellow Snowman Craft idea via

Paper Lantern Snowman  idea via

Flower Pot Snowman craft   idea via

Sock snowman  idea via

Wood Snowman Ornaments make the perfect Christmas Craft for kids! | #christmas #craft

Craft Stick Snowman  idea via



The Snowman Refrigerator from Andrew and Hillary

Shredded Paper Snowman from Baby Center


Snowman Ornaments

 Light Bulb Snowmen

Light Bulb Snowman Ornament idea via

Icecream stick snowman ornament  idea via

Craft-Stick Snow Clan Holiday Ornaments idea via

Sew on hanger

Stuffed Snowman ornament with buttons and ribbons via

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

Tealight Snowman ornament  idea via

Bottle Cap Ornaments

Bottle cap Snowman Ornament  idea via

Handprint Snowman ornament  idea via

Recycled Key Snowman Ornaments -

Recycled Keys festive snowman ornaments idea via


Snowman Art ideas 

 Snowman Card & Christmas Crafts  DIY card Christmas Crafts

Make a snowman craft card using bottle caps to print

Q-Tip Pointillism Snowman art  idea via

Make a shaving cream snowman craft  idea via

Thumbprint Snowman  idea via

Chalk Pastel Snowman on skies

fingerprint snow globe snowman craft

Finger print snowglobe  art  idea via

 Snowman Nail Art idea via


Snowman Food Decoration ideas

Snowman Cheese Cucumber Tomato sandwich  idea via

Snowman pop using donuts  idea via

Icecream Cone Snowman  idea via


Bento Box Snowman idea via

Snowman Pops – No frosting   idea via

Snowman Pizza  idea via

Snowman on a Stick – apple, banana, grape, pretzels, chocolate chips idea seen at

Tap slides for full view

Snowman Oreo Pops idea via

Egg Snowman

Snowman Egg Salad via

Winter Fantasy Cupcakes Recipe

Snowman Cupcake with sugar frosting

find out more here.

Kids Craft Christmas Thank you cards to make

With Christmas all done and dusted and hopefully nearly all put away, its time to start thinking about thanking your nearest and dearest for their wonderful gifts even if they are a pair of socks!

 Looking for inspiration online i found this cool article below. I tried my best to do footprint Rudolph cards off my little one to my family this year, which didn’t exactly work out (i might give you a post on that in the future) little tip…practice lots before applying brown paint to a 1 year olds feet and be prepared! But with hope still in my heart i found this article for thank you cards and i just love that it ties in with the footprint theme of the Christmas cards.

 Although if anyone does have any tips on controlling a 1 year olds feet, please let me know!

Article found at howaboutpinkplease
I would have loved to have sent a homemade card to each and every Aunts/Uncles/Grandparent that the boys received gifts from, but as I mentioned here, my boys refuse to sit down for more than 5 minutes to do any type of craft project with me.  It kills me!!!
So, the easiest solution is to make one card, photograph it, and mass produce that baby!
This year, I used a painted plate that I saw on pinterest via flickr as inspiration for our card.  The boys actually didn’t mind making this because they thought it was fun having their feet painted.
I used scrap fabric for Rudolph’s scarf, cotton for Santa’s beard, and sticky googlie eyes for both sets of eyes.  I then had Ethan write the thank you note at the bottom of the card.
To convert the painting into a card, I first photographed the painting. After adjusting the color a bit on the computer, I right clicked on the image and “rotated it clockwise” twice, so that it was upside down.  (This step is needed so that when you print it, it comes out correctly.)
I then printed the card on 8.5 x 11″ cardstock.  When in the print screen, I chose 4×6 inch with only 1 card per sheet of paper.  I also made sure the box that said “Fit picture to Frame” was UNCHECKED.  When it was checked, it cut off part of the picture.
 Here is what our thank you cards ended up looking like:
Super easy, fast, and bound to bring a smile to the Grandmas’ faces.
I hope they like it!  It’s the best we can do.