Make your own baby board books

Make your own Baby Board Books

So you must have all seen the crinkly soft black and white books you can get for babies, but what about when the babies have grown into toddlers? They need more interaction, more fun to keep them engaged.

So i think this idea on no time for flashcards is perfect! You can personalize it for each child, you can teach them about family members, about emotions and you save the books to show them when they are older. 



Find out the step by step guide to make them over at no time for flashcards

10 Sensory Craft projects for Kids

sensory crafts kiddy crafty

Ive been looking for some sensory crafts that we can try with my little one. We have already tried the cloud dough that i posted earlier here and although it was messy it did open a new world of fun that both me and her could enjoy.

So im eager to try more and here are a selction of sensory projects that i came across while on my travels that i thought i would share with you. Id love to know what you think and which ones you have already tried.

1. Sensory Art with Shaving Cream and Food Colouring

2. Exploding paint

To me even as an adult this looks fun to do!

Vinegar Baking Soda Preschool Science ~ 3 fun ways to learn and play with Fizzing Paint


3. Discovery bottles

4. Sensory Art Play: Colorful Gelatin Castles

Gelatin castles for sensory and art play

5. Sensory Bins

sensory bin goodies

6. Colouring Rice

7. Dying Pasta

colored pasta for preschool craft pasta necklaces

8. Sensory Bags

sensory bags

9. Slime!

There is just something about the kid in me that just wants to make this!

touch edible slime

and lets end with a bounce with Bouncy balls (sorry for the pun!)

homemade bouncy balls



Science Saturday – Magnetic Slime, Yes really!

Science Saturday

I was thinking today about doing a few more science craft posts, there are loads of science experiements that you can do from the comfort of your home using ingredients from the back of your cupboard. So for the first post of Science Saturday we have Magnetic slime, Yes really!

I Came across this while trying to look for a slime recipe. It looks so fun and it would be great to use as a magic tricks to impress your kids as well.

How to Make Magnetic Slime

Did you know that it’s possible to make slime magnetic?  I didn’t either until recently when I found a post on Pinterest from Instructables about making magnetic silly putty.  I really recommend this slime recipe rather than silly putty – more on that in a minute.  But first, check out what magnetic slime can do!

Magnetic Slime

Magnetic slime is really fun to play with on its own.  It stretches and squishes.  If you hold it up, it oozes down to the floor in a long strand!  Adding the element of magnet play makes it even more awesome.  This is a great project to put on your to-do list for a rainy day, spring break, or summer!  It would also make a great group activity for a science club or scouting group.

Magnetic SlimeThere’s just something about watching a liquid move without touching it…  So fascinating!