Friday 13th Lucky Charm Crafts for kids

Lucky Charm Crafts

Kiddy Crafty- Friday 13th Lucky craft charms

So its Friday the 13th this coming Friday, i know some people believe in the superstition of it being an unlucky day, im not really into that fully but why not craft some lucky charms with your little ones just in case? Besides its another excuse to get the crafting box out anyhow! 🙂

Here are 3 lucky charms that you can rustle up with your little ones.

1. Handprint lucky four leaf clover

Whats more lucky than a four leaf clover?

These can also be made as shamrocks for St Patricks day. I love anything with handprints and its such a quick and easy idea for a good luck charm. It even could be made as a card to wish someone good luck in a job or exam at school?

Find the instructions from Meet the dubiens.

2. Lucky Decorated Horse Shoe

I really like this idea and it can be personalised with the kids name, these blank horseshoes can be bought easily on the internet or from craft shops like hobbycraft. Again these can be used for either horse mad little ones or as good luck charms.

Find these instructions here and more ideas for horse parties here.

3. Lucky Charm Bracelet

Another good luck charm is the lucky charm bracelet, traditionally its a bracelet that the wearer has personal lucky trinkets on. I found this idea though that i think is great, it can decorated with the lucky four leaf clover or anything else that is more personal to you. Can you believe these are made from lollipop sticks!

The only supplies you absolutely need for this project are Popsicle sticks.  You can get them the old fashion way, by downing a few Popsicles, or you can pick up a whole bag at the craft store for a few dollars.  For your green embellishments, you can keep it simple with stickers and markers or go crazy with pretty scrapbook paper and yarn.

So here are a few lucky charms that you can make with your kids ready for either friday 13th or as good luck trinkets. If only they worked on the lottery 🙂

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