Kids craft New Year resolutions

So its a New Year and a new start, what New Year resolutions have you got? exercise more, eat more healthy?

How about your kids though? shouldn’t they have more New Year fun goals for 2015?

One of my resolutions is to be more organised this year… hopefully lasting longer than February this time! so i would love to be able to schedule some structured time for my little one to do more crafting if its either 10 mins a day or a one off hour when we have more time at the weekend.

I would love if you could pass on any ideas that you have? What quick, easy crafts would be good for the week or what longer crafts are good for trying at the weekend?

As probably anything in life, i have lovely images in my head that rarely come out like that in real life but thats the fun part though isnt it? Nothing beats hearing your little one laughing even if your covered in paint at the time and all you have to show for it is half a footprint off centered on a page!

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