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Seen it is the New Year and everything, what do you think will be the new crafting trends of 2015? Is there a way of bringing them into kids crafts? Why shouldnt kids be able to be bang on trend with the new trends of the year.

Here is a great article i found today, im really liking foxes, previous history of an owl obsession! I think my little one might grow up not too happy with the amount of owlage in her room!

Lovely article sourced from Indiecrafts

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Christmas is almost here and 2015 is just around the corner! Pretty soon we’ll be making new years resolutions, Either towards your life or towards your crafting. I wanted to showcase some of the things I think will be trendy in the craft industry in 2015.

1. Foxes. I’m betting that foxes and other woodland creatures will still be going strong next year. I for one, still love a good fox or owl craft and I think we’ll still be seeing handmade items with a fox doodle, or hedgehog scrapbook paper.

2. Calligraphy. I’ve been seeing more and more calligraphy and hand writing inspiration in my pinterest feed and I think it’s a hobby that more people will be taking up or purchasing more typographic art.

3. Feathers and Flowers.  Feathers have been trendy for a while now, but I don’t think they’re growing old anytime soon. I also think wildflower fabrics and art will be making an appearance in the upcoming Spring season.

4. Recycled/Restyled Projects. I love a restyle project and I know a lot of other people do as well. Turning vintage flea market finds into a personalized piece of furniture is all the rage!

5. Simple Patterns. Chevrons, Herringbone, Scallops, Hearts and Stars as well as any other simple patterns are becoming quite popular. They’re not only easy to doodle (even if you’re not very good a drawing) but they’re also great for tone on tone patterned papers and fabrics that give you print without being overwhelming.

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