Crafts for Dad to do for Mothers Day

Crafts for Dad

Its Mothers Day in the UK this Sunday, there is nothing more meaningful than receiving something that is made from the heart. It might look a bit messy, it might not look like what its meant to but knowing that its from your little one im sure means the world.

So i thought of getting some ideas together of crafts for dad to do with the kids in surprise ready for mum to open on Sunday.

What do you think? Id be over the moon to receive any of these gifts and knowing my little one and her dad had taken the time to do them together would make them even more special.

Handprint Pillow

I love how simple this is to make, follow the instructions on the fabric paint bottle and thats its!  A great memento to keep, you dont have to do a bed pillow for this you could also do cushions or how about a memory blanket with all your kids handprints or potential future kids 🙂

Mothers Day Handprint Pillowcase Craft

Craft supplies you will need:

  • Pillowcase

  • Fabric paint

  • Fabric signature marker

  • Paint brush

  • Plastic plates

Craft instructions:

Pour a small amount of paint onto the plastic plates.

Have the children paint one of their hands and then press their hand print on the front of the pillowcase.

Repeat the process till the pillowcase is full of hand prints.

Once done, add the names to each hand print with a fabric signature marker.

see more here.

Coffee Filter Rose

Children can try making this pretty coffee filter rose for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day – it’s so pretty, who wouldn’t be happy to receive it!

Coffee Filter Rose

You will need:

3 coffee filter papers
Red paint
Green chenille stem


Water down the paint (approx 4 parts water to one paint). Paint the filter papers. Let dry (you can speed things up by drying out in the oven on a very low heat for a few minutes).

Trim two of the filter papers so you have three different sizes. See photo below.

Coffee filter rose - steps

Fit the smaller two papers inside the largest. Open out into a cone shape and twist the bottom to form a point. Wrap the chenille stem around this to hold the papers together. Leave the other end of the chenille stem loose to be the flower stem.

See more at Activity village.

Wooden Handprint Slices


find out how over at hope and honey.

Handprint Card

I love how simple this would be, you can use it as a card and write on the back.


Find out more over at skip to my lou.

Handprint Butterflies

Another handprint craft, im starting to think i have an obsession with hand and foot prints! i think its envy on how everyone can get such good pictures i definitely need more practice!

Mothers Day Finger Paint Art Ideas

Find out over at nifty mom.

Keep an eye out for more Mothers Day craft ideas over the next few days.



8 Kids Valentines Craft Makes

Valentines day Feburaury 14th- 8 Kids Valentine craft makes

St Valentine ,the Patron Saint of Valentines.

Valentines shouldnt just be between lovers i think, how about using this day to tell each other how much you mean to one another even if your not romantically involved?  Your little ones are such a big part of your life why not get them involved on the act as well. Here are a few ideas ive found that i think could work well with getting your little ones involved in the run up and on the day itself.

Please let me know what you think of these or let me know what you will be getting up to for the big ‘V’ day.



1.  In Wales we have St Dwynwen’s Day, the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s Day which is celebrated across Wales this Sunday, January 25.

Welsh Lovespoons are given to a lady by her suitor traditionally. Typically lovespoons look like this:

Carved wooden lovespoon with hearts, lock and wheel. There are five design elements, three hearts which also form the bowl and the ring of the spoon. Between these are a wheel and a padlock.

The intricate carvings can symbolize different meanings of love and a lady accepting the lovespoon from her suitor would be accepting his interest.

See this post here on getting your little ones involved in the making, you might even be inspired as an adult to get involved in the wood carving!






2. Butterfly Valentines







These lollipop butterflies make the perfect Valentine’s craft for kids. You can give them some personal flair with your color choices, glitter, and other drawings made just by your child. These make great favors and a different kind of Valentine’s Day card that anyone is sure to love!

See full instructions to make them here.

3. heart wreath from planet forward





4.bird seed heart from no time for flash cards




5. heart shaped bracelet from make and takes




6. beaded heart from toddler craft



7.paper mache jar candle holder from fabulessly frugal



8. easy heart suncathcher from happiness is homemade