5 Kids Crafts using basic Kitchen Store Supplies

Its a Sunday, i dont fancy popping out to the shops, but it would be fun to have a crafting afternoon. It got me thinking what could i find in the kitchen cupboard to have a fun afternoon of crafting?

kids kitchen cupboard craft makes kiddy crafty

Here are some ideas to give new use to those back of the cupbaord kitchen store supplies.

1. Moon Dough using Flour and Oil (either vegetable or baby)

Sometimes called Cloud Dough as well, Ive seen these recipes online and cant believe how it only needs 2 ingredients to make!!

How to Make Cloud Dough| Clough Dough Recipe| TinkerLab.com

The consistency of the dough is lovely to feel and hold. It can be powdery like flour one moment, and then moldable like damp sand the next. This brought HOURS of fun to my home, and maybe it’ll do the same for yours…

Find the instructions over at tinkerlab.

2. Toilet Roll Crafts

Everyone has them left over so what better use to recycle them and use them in crafts? Im sure you have seen ideas for these everywhere but here are a couple more from the guys over at kids activity blog.

25 {Incredible} Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

3. Pasta and more importantly coloured pasta!

Good old basic pasta, ive seen this used before, its a good staple for kids crafts but coloured pasta?! Wow this takes an old favourite and makes it more exciting!

Pasta Crafts for Kids How to Dye Pasta

Check out the website crystalandcomp for full instructions.

 4. Edible water beads using water

Well i know strictly water wont be at the back of the cupoard (i hope) but i found this website to make edible water beads. These look really fun to play with and i love the fact they are safe and wont contain horrible chemicals.

Ugh. My kids love these things. Yuck. But they'll be happy. :P

You might not have these tapoica beads

Water Beadslying at the back of your cupboard right now but i think it might be worth investing in some. They can be easily bought online and if you need a quick fix to make a colourful sensory playtime with your little ones, its good to have these at the back of the cupboard. Check out kidsplaybox for full instructions.

5. Glitter glue using glitter,vinegar,water,cornflour and salt

Yep thats right glitter glue using only 5 ingredients that all can be found at home! Whats not to love about that? 

Homemade Glitter Glue

This Homemade Glitter Glue has become a favourite in our household! So easy to make and so much FUN to create with!!

Check out pagingfunmums for full instructions.

So as you can see from just a few ingredients great things can be made!