Crafts for Dad to do for Mothers Day

Crafts for Dad

Its Mothers Day in the UK this Sunday, there is nothing more meaningful than receiving something that is made from the heart. It might look a bit messy, it might not look like what its meant to but knowing that its from your little one im sure means the world.

So i thought of getting some ideas together of crafts for dad to do with the kids in surprise ready for mum to open on Sunday.

What do you think? Id be over the moon to receive any of these gifts and knowing my little one and her dad had taken the time to do them together would make them even more special.

Handprint Pillow

I love how simple this is to make, follow the instructions on the fabric paint bottle and thats its!  A great memento to keep, you dont have to do a bed pillow for this you could also do cushions or how about a memory blanket with all your kids handprints or potential future kids 🙂

Mothers Day Handprint Pillowcase Craft

Craft supplies you will need:

  • Pillowcase

  • Fabric paint

  • Fabric signature marker

  • Paint brush

  • Plastic plates

Craft instructions:

Pour a small amount of paint onto the plastic plates.

Have the children paint one of their hands and then press their hand print on the front of the pillowcase.

Repeat the process till the pillowcase is full of hand prints.

Once done, add the names to each hand print with a fabric signature marker.

see more here.

Coffee Filter Rose

Children can try making this pretty coffee filter rose for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day – it’s so pretty, who wouldn’t be happy to receive it!

Coffee Filter Rose

You will need:

3 coffee filter papers
Red paint
Green chenille stem


Water down the paint (approx 4 parts water to one paint). Paint the filter papers. Let dry (you can speed things up by drying out in the oven on a very low heat for a few minutes).

Trim two of the filter papers so you have three different sizes. See photo below.

Coffee filter rose - steps

Fit the smaller two papers inside the largest. Open out into a cone shape and twist the bottom to form a point. Wrap the chenille stem around this to hold the papers together. Leave the other end of the chenille stem loose to be the flower stem.

See more at Activity village.

Wooden Handprint Slices


find out how over at hope and honey.

Handprint Card

I love how simple this would be, you can use it as a card and write on the back.


Find out more over at skip to my lou.

Handprint Butterflies

Another handprint craft, im starting to think i have an obsession with hand and foot prints! i think its envy on how everyone can get such good pictures i definitely need more practice!

Mothers Day Finger Paint Art Ideas

Find out over at nifty mom.

Keep an eye out for more Mothers Day craft ideas over the next few days.



31 Amazing cardboard box crafts for kids

Cardboard box crafts for kids

Cardboard boxes can be a really good staple for crafting. They are cheap and simple to come across and im sure you have at least one in your house, if not you might need to order more craft supplies and use the box they come in! 🙂

I was amazed and really excited over these ideas, a few of them especially No 9 and No 12, i would have loved to have had when i was a child, heck i might even play with them today, just got to wait for my little one to grow old enough first!


1.) Make a mini-camper trailer.

2.) Play dress up with a cardboard purse.

3.) You can create a custom kitty dream house.

4.) Let your kids play house by making them their own washing machine.

5.) Or, they can sell you their own fruits with this produce stand.

6.) Make a bed for their favorite toys.

7.) Create a safe gas pump your kids can pretend to use.

8.) Making a playhouse can be cheaper than you think.

9.) If your kids like cooking, make a kitchen for them.

It’s safe and easy.

10.) City plans for Legos and other toys.

11.) If you’re adventurous, make a BIG maze.

12.) Let your kids sew along with you, even if their machine is fake.

13.) You can also give your kids a phone without spending a penny.

14.) Let your imagination run wild and build a castle.

15.) Does your kid have a bike or Powerwheels? Set up some stop lights for them.

16.) You don’t need a real guitar to be a rock star.

Let them turn it up to 11.

17.) Build a play-barn for their animals.

18.) Or make a pirate ship.

19.) Decorate your walls with wild animals.

20.) Make a maze for some marbles.

21.) Let your child’s imagination take flight in this plane.

22.) Or you could make them a train…

23.) Or an automobile!

24.) Build a little big city with your kids.

25.) Set up a small store or coffee shop.

26.) Build an elevator in your child’s room.

27.) What about a drive-in movie theater?

28.) Or better yet… build them a Transformer suit.

find out more here.

Mad science crafts for kids

Science Crafts for kids

I love science, i want my little one to love science, ok shes a bit too young (well a lot really-but i have plans!).

Science shouldnt all be about text books, more things are learnt, our brain obsorb more information when we see things happen and when we have fun doing it.

Think about it…i bet there are loads of memories that you have from school that you still remember to this day because on that day the teacher chose to explain something in a fun, visual way. Everyone must have tried the baking soda erupting volcano with the vinegar? the fizzy soft drink bottle with the mints? you get my drift….

So it got me thinking what fun crafts with a science base could we do for our kids that would keep them entertained but at the same time give them a little hunger to learn along the way.

What do you think about these?

A few fun experiments to do with the kids this summer.



Sharpie Tie-Dyed Shirt that teaches kids about color blending

Sharpie Tie-Dye 

This craft by Mom’s Crafty Space can become a discussion of the blending of colors. While experimenting with mixing colors, kids can make a pretty snazzy shirt without the mess of traditional tie-dying.


Rock Candy Science Experiment

Rock Candy

Watch crystals form in various colors over the course of a week with this tutorial from Brandy’s Crafts, and eat the results while talking about saturation and condensation. More details about the exact science can be found at Wonder time.


Homemade Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Make a lava lamp with household items, like this one from Bird and Little Bird, and watch the carbon dioxide bubbles from Alka-seltzer make colored vegetable oil whirl around like the classic seventies lamp.


Homemade gak from borax and glue


Experiment with elasticity and suspension with this tutorial for “gak” from Artful Parent. Gak is slimy, gooey, icky and wonderful … which can be used to describe kids after playtime on some days, right?


Homemade Hovercraft

CD Hovercraft 

The Chocolate Muffin Tree provides a tutorial on how to make a hovercraft with a CD, balloon, a top from dish soap or a water bottle and a glue gun. Decorate CDs and watch them coast over a smooth surface.

 See more here.