St Patricks Day Rainbow kids Crafts

Rainbow Kids Crafts

Its St Patricks Day on March the 17th and what screams more of St Patricks day than rainbows?

Here are a selection of rainbow inspired kids food and craft activities that look so fun they need to be shared!

Rainbow rice krispies

These are so simple but look so fun, who wouldnt want these in their lunchbox?



Rainbow heart layer cake

Ok little ones might need a hand with this one, but i couldnt leave this out, how amazing does this look? Takes the standard layer cake to another level!


Rainbow Jelly Eggs

Yep thats right jelly rainbow eggs! Probably laid by a rainbow hen as well! 🙂



Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Great for musical little ones.

Make a Rainbow Sensory Play Bottle / Musical Shaker, great for all ages. From My Little 3 and Me.

Rainbow Salt Crystal painting

I really like the look of this, i can imagine my little one really enjoying the different colours.


Rainbow Ice Ball Bin

How big are these?! They make me want to get in the box and have a go!

Rainbow Ice Ball Sensory Bin


Shamrock Stamps

I love food stamping and finding out shapes you never knew were there!

pepper stamping st patricks day craft how we learn


Rainbow Play dough kit

This is a great kit to have ready for colourful play.

Rainbow Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba


 Keep an eye out for more St Patrick day ideas coming up. 




World Nutella Day- 5 Nutella kids craft recipes

World Nutella Day

Five Nutella Kids craft recipes

I just found out its World Nutella day today, yep i didnt know that before but i do now 🙂

Hey why not dedicate a whole day to celebrate the chocolatey snack. There is so much more you can do than spread it on your toast.


Take at look at these ideas ive found while searching the web for an excuse to eat more Nutella…..

PicMonkey Collage


Sinful Chocolate Nutella Cookies

See more here.

Nutella Play Dough

How to make Nutella play dough

See how to make it here.

Nutella ice cream bars

Nutella Pops - Get Recipe

Find out how here.


See how to make him here.

Or why not just sit back and have a hot chocolate!

Crockpot Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe from

See how to make this here.

Well thats my round up of Nutella recipes for now, perhaps just try one of these though at a time! 🙂