Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers (Especially Boys)

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers (Especially Boys)

Valentines day is quickly creeping up, its saturday just in case you might forget! 🙂

Im still trying to keep an eye open for Valentines crafts but it also got me thinking Valentines is very pink/red and pretty so how do you get your little boys involved if they arent into all that?

Here are some ideas i think might work that i found on mummysbundle.

The only issue I’ve run into is that my little boy isn’t too fond of crayons, markers or paint-type projects at the moment. He’d much rather be playing with puppets, tossing objects or pushing cars.

valentines day crafts

That got me thinking. If I could just find Valentines’ crafts that had some creative movement to them –crafts he could use in pretend play, it would be perfect.  So I searched a bit harder.  I finally came across a few that would do the trick.

Here are 4 Valentines’ day crafts I found for active toddlers, especially rambunctious little boys like my own:

1. Valentine’s Day Inch Word Pencils


Isn’t this idea simply adorable? I know this could work well for either boys or girls, but thought my little man in particular would get a kick out of wiggling little inch-worm pencils across the floor and then using them to chase our dog around the house, hehe!

2. Cupid Arrows


I love the fact that these cupid arrows work just like paper planes.  Not only are they very simple to create, they are perfect for little hands that love to toss things all day!!

3. Luv Puppy Puppet


Since my little guy LOVES both dogs and puppets, I was so glad I found this puppy puppet.  I can’t wait to see his face light up when we put a couple of these together for a puppet show!

4. Popsicle Stick Butterfly


This one too cute to pass up.  Popsicle sticks are so much more durable than construction paper projects so I know my kid won’t tear it to pieces the moment we start playing.  I can just picture him launching the butterfly up in the air and making him fly. Plus, once he sees the googly-eyes I’m sure he will be all smiley faces :)!

5 Valentines Day love tokens made by kids.

kiddy crafty- crafts and art

I dont think Valentines Day should be all about the love between a couple i think Valentines should be more about being happy and friendly and letting it be a day about showing others that we care for them and love them.

So here are some ideas to inspire you to show some love towards others and how much they mean to you, these are also child friendly so little ones can feel they are playing a part as well.

1. Reasons I Love Grandma cards.

preschool valentine craft for parents

This particular preschool Valentine craft would be great in a preschool classroom, as it could be easily made into a 5 Reasons I Love Mama card.  Who wouldn’t love to receive one of those?!

See how this is made here.


2. Long Distance Hug

This year I wanted to send long distance family members a special Valentine from our girls, but I wasn’t sure what.

I measured the arm spans of both girls and cut ribbon the same length (C and I did some comparing with the 2 sizes and measured with the tape measure)

I helped the girls paint hand prints, I cut them out and glued onto the ends of the ribbon.

The grandparents, both near and far, enjoyed receiving their special hugs.

See more here.


3. Frozen Olaf Valentines

Valentine--You're Worth Melting For / Frozen Olaf {} Build a Snowman Frozen Valentine Idea and Printable

Ever since we saw Disney’s Frozen on the day of a huge blizzard, my kids have been singing the songs 24/7 (and so have I)!  It was such a magical movie.  It’s no wonder my kids want to give Frozen Olaf Valentines!

Because the first version of this treat involves cutting marshmallows in half, I made a version that looks like Olaf, and a version that is a little more give-away friendly.

Valentine--You're Worth Melting For / Frozen Olaf {} Build a Snowman Frozen Valentine Idea and Printable
See the instructions to make him here.

4. Heart Shaped Rice Krispies

I love delighting my children with special seasonal treats. These Heart-shaped Rice Krispie Treat Pops took less than an hour to prepare. It’s a perfect and fun recipe for a busy mom like you! I had them wrapped and ready for school lunch boxes in fifteen minutes!

heart shaped rice krispie treats

Find out how to make them here.

5. Handprint Monkeys

Today I got to spend the day with my favorite little cousins and we made some adorable handprint monkeys for a Valentine’s Day craft! They turned out really cute and the kids were super creative with the hearts.


See the instructions for these here.