St Davids Day Welsh Crafts for kids

St Davids Day Welsh Crafts for Kids

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So to continue with the St Davids Day theme here are some Welsh crafts that you can get involved in with your little ones ready for the day.

Beautiful daffodil pinwheels

Such a pretty daffodil craft :: make a flower pinwheel

See full instructions at nuturestore

St Davids day Card

See full instructions here.

Daffodil Magnet

Here’s a quick and easy modelling craft for children. This daffodil magnet is perfect for Spring, St David’s Day or Easter.

Daffodil magnet

find out more at activity village.

Handprint Daffodil

Handprint Daffodil

This would be a fun and effective craft to make using your little ones handprints.

Find out how here.

Welsh Lady Craft

Here’s an original craft for St David’s Day! Raid your junk drawer to make this Welsh lady in traditional dress…

Welsh lady craft - cup and ball Welsh lady in traditional dress

see how this is made over at activity village.

Daffodil biscuits

daffodil biscuits for St David's Day

see how at gingerbreadhouse

Daffodil Suncatchers

Daffodil suncatchers. Make for St David's Day then send home as a Mother's Day gift.    from

find these instructions at babycentre.

Daffodil Candy Cups


Daffodil cups made from baking cups over at Martha stewart

Leek and Daffodil Pencil toppers

Leek and Daffodil Pencil Toppers Set -

 Also check out my other post here for a few more ideas.


Rugby Crafts for Kids. Wales V England!

Well its the start of the rugby here in the UK and the game tonight? Wales v England, a big game to start it off!

Here are some rugby crafts kids can make to support their team either during this match or for the others. We will be doing the dragons in this house! 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

So for the Welsh team we have:

Sock Puppet Dragon Craft

A gorgeous craft for St David’s Day, the Year of the Dragon, a fairy tale theme, or just for fun!

Sock Puppet Dragon Craft

You will need:

A red sock
Red craft foam
Scraps of red, yellow and orange craft foam
Red glitter glue
Fabric glue
Wiggle eyes
Fabric pen


Cut two wings and a tail from red craft foam. Decorate with the glitter glue.

red dragon wing detail

Put the sock over your hand and mark where you want the eyes, wings and tail to go. Now lay the sock flat and glue on the tail, wings and eyes.

While this is drying make your flames by cutting out a flame shape from yellow foam, a slightly smaller one from orange foam and an even smaller one from yellow foam. Glue them together in a pile.

Put on the sock puppet, using your thumb as the lower part of the mouth, and mark where the flames will go.

Take off the puppet and glue on the flames. These will need to face the back of the sock so that they turn the right way around when you put in your thumb. See photo for clarification.

red sock dragon puppet

sock puppet dragon front view

Find more here.

Red Rose Celery Stick

For the English team a red rose i thought this was such a simple and unique idea!

veggie stamping

See how when you cut the stalk it looks like a rose. (I happen to know this works with bunches of leafy lettuce, too.) We stamped away and have glittered them.

Making cards

and the plus side this could also work for Valentines Day as well!

find out more here.

Look out for others ideas in the coming matches.



8 Kids Valentines Craft Makes

Valentines day Feburaury 14th- 8 Kids Valentine craft makes

St Valentine ,the Patron Saint of Valentines.

Valentines shouldnt just be between lovers i think, how about using this day to tell each other how much you mean to one another even if your not romantically involved?  Your little ones are such a big part of your life why not get them involved on the act as well. Here are a few ideas ive found that i think could work well with getting your little ones involved in the run up and on the day itself.

Please let me know what you think of these or let me know what you will be getting up to for the big ‘V’ day.



1.  In Wales we have St Dwynwen’s Day, the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s Day which is celebrated across Wales this Sunday, January 25.

Welsh Lovespoons are given to a lady by her suitor traditionally. Typically lovespoons look like this:

Carved wooden lovespoon with hearts, lock and wheel. There are five design elements, three hearts which also form the bowl and the ring of the spoon. Between these are a wheel and a padlock.

The intricate carvings can symbolize different meanings of love and a lady accepting the lovespoon from her suitor would be accepting his interest.

See this post here on getting your little ones involved in the making, you might even be inspired as an adult to get involved in the wood carving!






2. Butterfly Valentines







These lollipop butterflies make the perfect Valentine’s craft for kids. You can give them some personal flair with your color choices, glitter, and other drawings made just by your child. These make great favors and a different kind of Valentine’s Day card that anyone is sure to love!

See full instructions to make them here.

3. heart wreath from planet forward





4.bird seed heart from no time for flash cards




5. heart shaped bracelet from make and takes




6. beaded heart from toddler craft



7.paper mache jar candle holder from fabulessly frugal



8. easy heart suncathcher from happiness is homemade